Monday, March 7, 2011

Peace signs on foreheads and hands on cheeks

When Leah woke up from her morning nap on Saturday morning, David went up to her room to get her. I heard him laughing as he came down the stairs with her, and I soon saw why. Apparently Leah had fallen asleep with her hand under her forehead, and she was giving a peace sign in her sleep--can you see the imprint?

She seems quite concerned about all the attention.

But then she remembered that she absolutely
LOVES to be the center of attention ;)

What a little ham :)

Joshua's had a cold all week (almost every Sunday he is
in nursery, he's got some kind of bug the rest of the week),
so it has been even more difficult to get a smile out of him.
On our way to his cousin Janie's birthday party
on Saturday afternoon, we got him laughing by
putting our hands on our cheeks and yelling, "Cheeks!"
When he copied us, I caught a quick picture,
runny nose and all.
And yes, I realize he needs a haircut. We don't want to use
the clippers again because they cut his hair way too short.
A friend from church is planning to teach me how to give
him a scissor cut, but we may have to take up Great Clips
and their $6.99 haircut special this week to help us bridge
the gap until then!


Amanda Council said...

sooo cute. I love your kids. Ps. I could have taught you how to give a hair cut this weekend! I cut my brothers hair all growing up. And my own for that matter.

Sarah and Devin said...

That is hilarious (the peace sign)...poor leah bug! cute picture of joshua, too.