Saturday, October 16, 2010

State Fair!

I love the State Fair. I mean, REALLY love the State Fair. It is one of the many things that make autumn my very favorite season. I love the displays, the animals, the food, the weather, the people-watching...I could go on and on. And now I have another thing I love about the fair:

Watching this little guy light up with joy
as he rides this ATV ride...4 times!
We bought a book of tickets in advance (all about saving money here, people!) and didn't realize that even in Kiddieland, you have to be 36 inches tall to ride almost everything, even with a parent. No worries, though--Joshua LOVED this ride! He was all smiles the whole time...seriously, how can you not smile when you see a kid this cute and happy?
We got to enjoy the beautiful weather, some yummy food, and seeing the animals. Little Miss Leah-bug slept most of the time, and then decided that half-way through lunch, she was ready to go home...RIGHT THEN. So she screamed bloody murder the whole way to the car...and I was *this close* to punching the next person who heard her screaming in her stroller and said, "Well, she's not very happy, is she?"
I think next year will be a bit easier, since Joshua will be able to have more ride options and Leah will be old enough to enjoy more of the fair. Oh, and get this: not once, but twice, when Leah was being held near the kiddie rides, people came and sat right next to us and lit up a cigarette and proceded to the midst of tons of children and RIGHT next to a newborn baby. Unbelievable.
So, aside from the extremely selfish and oblivious smokers who seem unaware that not everyone enjoys their poisonous habit, I absolutely LOVE the State Fair :)


Sarah and Devin said...

ohhh i cant wait to go to the fair!! that pic of joshua is SO cute! we will have to check out the atv rides haha.
and poor little leah-- and you. i took delainey last year by myself during the day and she actually pitched a crying fit over something-- we're talking laying on the ground in the middle of the fairway-- that was fun. (not really)hopefully next year will be better for leah! : ) said...

Beckett was 36 and 1/2 inches this year at the Fair here. When I went to measure him my heart almost sunk I was afraid he wouldn't be tall enough and he was already so excited! Good thing you guys found something for him to ride! He looks so big on it! What a sweet little boy! I miss the NC fair! I l love all the updates lately too! Its so fun to see all you are doing, pllus Joshua is just such an animated kid...the pictures just make me smile!