Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer evenings

Oftentimes on a summer Saturday or Sunday late afternoon/early evening, a group of Isgetts will gather at Bernie & Martha's to cookout and spend time outside together. The kids like to play together, and the adults like to sit around and talk, so everyone's happy!

The flash obviously would have made this
a much better picture, but Janie and Joshua
are still cute as can be :)

David served as camera man for the
afternoon, so that explains all the pics
with me in them. Leah obviously finds
watching the other kids much more
interesting than looking at the camera!

She only looked this time because
Aunt Lisa stood next to Daddy and
made funny faces and noises! And I
have to say--I think Leah is gorgeous
in this color!

I seriously want to gobble her face right up!

David trying to catch a sassy face...instead,
he chronicles the continued graying of my hair.

Cute little Ellie--I'm hoping Leah's hair
will be curly just like this!

My anti-camera children :)

The lighting isn't great in this picture,
but I love Joshua's grin as he squeezed
in between David and me.

I'm pretty sure this is the first picture
of all four of us together...and Leah's 9 months
old. Shame on me, but thanks to Uncle Brian
for taking it for us!


Amanda Council said...

what a beautiful family!

Katherine from Kate Peters Photography said...

It's been soo long since I've seen you guys! You look GREAT! Leah has changed so much, she's got such a little personality with her faces. So excited to see you guys Monday- I miss my Isgetts!