Thursday, June 16, 2011


Since Leah isn't getting into Joshua's toys on her own yet, he is quite happy to share them with her. (I'm sure this will change when she starts taking them without asking!) I've been sure to praise Joshua whenever he shares with her so that he knows he's done a good job...apparently, all the positive reinforcement has worked:

I saw this when I had been out of the room for 2 minutes this afternoon, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud! Leah could barely see over the all the toys that Joshua had stacked on the tray of her doorway jumper, but Joshua was just as proud of himself as he could be. He smiled and said, "Great job, Joshie!" Yes, sweet boy, great job...I'll remind you of this in the future when you come running to me saying Leah has taken your toys :)

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Ellett Family said...

Erin, that is so funny!
It's good to know that other big siblings do this too. We have had to laugh at Ethan as well, while keeping him from smothering the twins.