Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend! My parents came up on Friday evening and we took them out to dinner at El Dorado--Joshua loved the chips and salsa as usual, and Leah had her first bite of guacamole...she was NOT a fan and let it be known quite loudly :)

On Saturday morning, we took a trip to the Farmer's Market--it was crazy-busy and packed with people (note to self: don't go on Saturdays after 10:00am!), but we were able to pick up some produce to use for dinner that night and lunch on Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, the kids played in the wading pool: Leah liked playing with the bucket and Joshua did lots of standing and talking.

Saturday night, my mom and I made a special dinner in honor of David and my dad: slow cooker pulled pork, coleslaw, oven roasted green beans, oven roasted red potatoes, and homemade honey wheat rolls. It was delicious!

Sunday, after a yummy lunch of BLTs with fresh tomatoes from the Farmer's Market (honestly, is there anything much better than a BLT?!), my parents headed home. Once the kids were up from their naps, we headed over to Brian and Lisa's house for an Isgett family Father's Day dinner with their family, our family, and Keith, Angela, and Sydney. We had grilled flank steak, a yummy salad, fresh cantaloupe and watermelon, corn on the cob, and French bread, followed by a delicious peach and blueberry pie and homemade brownies (Lisa can bake like nobody's business!). So as you can tell, our weekend was full of family and food--a great combination!

I love that the bucket is about as big
as she is :)

Joshua showing us a leaf

I love watching Joshua talk to Leah
and seeing her react to him

Joshua "giving Leah a hug!"

Joshua trying to figure out the bright green
barrette that Grandma put in Leah's hair

Playing together in the water

Joshua smiling at Grandpa and Leah
chewing on her fingers

More smiles and more chewing

Big smiles from my big boy

My handsome little guy!

This. smile. melts. my. heart.

Leah's look of exasperation cracks me up

David's Father's Day gift from the kids :)

All these pics of Leah-bug were taken by
David and Brian while Lisa and I chatted in
the kitchen and the other kids played upstairs

Big cheesy grin!

Our little chatterbox

Serious face with big pretty eyes

Look at that chubby leg--I just want
to eat her up!

This is the "long face" that prefaces a cry

This little girl LOVES her Daddy!

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Sarah and Devin said...

Sounds perfect! And those pictures of both Joshua and Leah cheesin'it up are ADORABLE. beautiful smiles on beautiful children! : ) p.s. we need to get one of those little pools...