Monday, February 14, 2011

My two little valentines

I came across these two pictures this morning as I was checking the camera--David must have taken them while I was doing some cleaning on Saturday morning. Surprise pictures are fun to find...especially when they are of my two little valentines!

Leah loves to stick out her tongue these days!

I love those big brown eyes and long eyelashes :)

Leah's upping the ante recently...while she still
loves to suck on her pointer and middle finger together,
sometimes she'll shove in her ring finger for good
measure! And the other day, I found her with all
four fingers crammed in her mouth--I think if
she could figure out how to fit her thumb in there too,
she'd do it! Silly Leah-bug :)


Kristen said...

Those sure are a couple of cute Valentines. What a lucky Mommy. :)

Sarah and Devin said...

i love surprise pictures that you find!
And I love that last shot of Leah with her almost handin her adorable! : ) said...

Aww... so much fun for you to find those! And Leah is so funny. Josh looks so big too! I am jealous of his hair! It is so silky and long! Glad you have such adorable valentines!