Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny "hats" and magic prunes

Let me start off this post by explaining why there are no pictures of Joshua: he's going through a strange camera phase. He constantly wants me to take his picture, but he refuses to smile. His face goes completely blank and nothing I say or do will get him to smile. This drives me crazy because Joshua has the brightest, sweetest smile and it lights up my heart a million times a day...except when the camera is on him. Oh well...this too shall pass.

Leah likes this little tag blanket my mom got her, and Joshua likes to put it on her head:

Funny Leah-bug :)

On another note, we celebrated a long-awaited accomplishment yesterday--Leah had a poopy diaper! As funny as that sounds, it is true. She'd gone WEEKS without a dirty diaper, and we were starting to get really worried. She'd been wetting diapers like normal, but that was it. I found some baby food prunes in a bag of baby food a friend from church had given us, and I hoped they'd be the solution. This was Leah's first solid food, and I'm not sure how much of it even ended up in her tummy! As soon as I would put a spoonful in her mouth, those little fingers would pop right back in her mouth, and the food would get all over her hand...which she would then wipe all over her face, bib, outfit, and chair. What a mess! Eventually, I had to hold both of her little hands in my left hand and feed her with my right hand to keep the food from getting everywhere...and then she decided it was fun to blow raspberries and get the prunes all over the place that way.
It seems that she got enough food in her belly because after eating some prune baby food Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, and Wednesday at lunch time, we had a VERY full dirty diaper yesterday afternoon and another one this morning--hooray! Baby Leah's not stopped up anymore :)
And in the last couple of weeks, one of her bottom middle teeth has broken through the gum, so she beat her brother's first tooth by a few weeks (she'll be 6 months next Friday).
Even though the thought of tasting prunes seems
pretty gross, I could still just eat her up :)
(Look at all the food on that bib!)

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Sarah and Devin said...

weeks?!? WOW! Sallie poops on average 2-3 times EVERY DAY. big smelly ones too haha. lucky you! just kidding of course...I'm glad she's not stopped up anymore...that can't feel good!