Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Man's Photo Shoot

So, when they were handing out talents in the premortal world, I apparently got "couponing," while a lot of my friends got much more creative and awesome abilities :) Take my good friend, Sarah, for instance. Not only is she super-sweet, smart, funny, and beautiful, she is also a great photographer! If you live anywhere near the Triangle, you should definitely check her out:

So, not only is Sarah all of the great things I listed above, she is also incredibly kind and generous. She took time on a Saturday morning in November to take some really great pictures of Joshua for us, and we love them! Here are some of my favorites:

Joshua is OBSESSED with books! Here he's enjoying "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
(funny side story: whenever I get to the page about the caterpillar building a cocoon and staying inside, Joshua gets REALLY excited because he knows the butterfly page is coming--super cute)

I love how he looks like a little man here!

He's so stinkin' precious, I could just kiss him forever!

These pictures were taken right before Joshua started walking full-time. And the low-rise pants are because Joshua's a little on the skinny side, and all of his pants that fit his height are a little too big around the waist. And I figured that the shoestring belt he's been rocking recently would look a little tacky in his pictures :)

Baby + overalls = almost too cute to handle

Seriously, I would dress him in overalls every day if I could :)

This is what Joshua does when we say "Superman!"

Oh man, that smile is just about the sweetest thing in the world! The only thing that makes me happier is the smile plus a kiss from my little man (if you ask for "kisses," he'll lean forward and put his lips to yours...melts my heart every single time!)

Sarah, thank you again for sharing your time and talent with us--we are so grateful to have these precious pictures of our little man to remind us of this sweet time in his life!


MeganRuth said...

Erin, these pictures are so dang cute! Every time I see Sarah's pics, I am more and more impressed. One of my favorite things tho, is how you dressed "little man." He truly looks like a little man, and I LOVE it!

Sarah and Devin said...

Erin, you are WAY too nice. (and you have WAAAAAAAAY more talents then couponing, you are like one of the most talented ladies I know!) I have ZERO photography skills, just a fast camera = ) But it was so good to see yall and see how much little Joshua has grown. One thing-- because the files are so large (for printing and stuff) if you upload the photos the biggest size possible, they won't look as grainy.
Anyways...he is just adorable; in my opinion these pics don't do him justice. = ) Can't wait to see you all again soon.

Becky said...

What a beautiful little guy and what wonderful photographs! You are one lucky lady all around!