Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

Our theme for costumes this year was "inexpensive consignment shop costumes in my kids' sizes that my mom could find." Thankfully, there were no complaints and the kids had a blast tonight at a Halloween party/trick-or-treat event we attended! I snapped some quick pictures before we left so my mom could see how the kids looked all dressed up :)

Joshua as Harry Potter
(from the best book series ever) 

These $1 goofy glasses from
Michaels crack me up! 

Leah as a Hello Kitty Cowgirl...
this might be the most random
costume I've ever heard of, but
man, is she ever cute! 

Seriously...she is hamming it up
for the camera :) 

Work that catwalk, girl...
get it? Hello Kitty, catwalk...
humor me and giggle a little :) 

Big smiles! 

How are they 5 and 3 years old already?! 

Love them so much! 

And Hannah is our little bumblebee!
She's peeking around the corner
to see what Joshua and Leah are up to :) 

Smiley girl!
That lone little tooth on the bottom
cracks me up! 

I tried to get a group shot...
it is nearly impossible to get all
3 of them to look at the camera
at the same time! In this one,
Joshua and Hannah must be discussing
trick-or-treating strategies...

 And here, Hannah is showing off her
tongue (this is a common trick for her)

Out of a dozen, this was as good as it
gets--I tried! :) 

One of the lenses fell out of Joshua's
goofy glasses as we were getting ready
to leave (and wouldn't go back in), so
we just popped out the other one too :) 

If you go back and watch the Harry Potter movies,
you'll notice that Harry's glasses often didn't have
any lenses in Joshua is in good company! 

Ready to go get some candy!! 

 And just a quick rear shot of Hannah's cute
costume--so, so precious!!

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