Sunday, September 23, 2012

Labor Day Weekend & Leah's Birthday

My little squinty-eyed smiley girl
enjoying the water at the river shore

 My happy little swimmer--
he loved swimming and watching
the ferry take cars across to the
other side

 My handsome brother and dad...
they look more and more alike as
the years go by!

 Leah was upset about something
(who knows what?) 
*cough* drama queen *cough*

 Way to ruin the picture, Leah ;)

 Somebody turned 2!

 She LOVED having everyone sing
"Happy Birthday" to that smile!

 Post-bath present opening...
a baby doll stroller from Grandma

 One of her favorite gifts from
Grandma--a giant Dora coloring
book and crayons. This girl
LOVES to color!

Apparently this kind of talent
takes lots of concentration :)

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