Saturday, July 21, 2012

Camping trip!

We've been loving our learning units over the past few months, and this week we learned all about camping. We enjoyed reading lots of fun books: Mommy reads the longer ones, and Joshua is reading more and more of the books himself, which makes him really proud. Some of his favorites to read this week were "Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp" and "Fred and Ted Go Camping." We did lots of learning activities: new camping vocabulary and spelling words, handwriting practice, rhyming word matching, some simple math, patterns, and sorting.

As our field trip this week, we had an indoor camping trip (since the weather was so muggy and rainy). Grandma Martha got the kids an indoor play tent that we set up for the first time, and we got out a bunch of other camping gear as well (sleeping bags, a small camping stove, lanterns and flashlights, canteens, and a compass--these were all vocabulary words this week). We got Joshua all dressed up for a hike around the house and then we read some of our favorite books from the week while sitting on our sleeping bag with the flashlight.

My little camper!

Joshua reading "Fred and Ted Go Camping"
(I'm almost 17 weeks along in this picture,
so please forgive the pudgy tummy!)

I had to include this picture of Leah 
photobombing the shot...doesn't she
look like she just woke up at noon
after staying up late at a concert and
camping out? Silly girl :)

We found easy online directions for
cooking s'mores indoors. We snipped
each marshmallow in half, and these went
in the toaster oven at 400 degrees for 4-5
minutes until they were golden brown.

Then we topped them with Hershey's
chocolate squares and finished them
off with the other graham cracker.

They were delicious...and quite messy,
as you can tell! I think the kids had a lot
of fun, even though we were stuck inside.
A little imagination can go a long way! :)

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