Saturday, October 22, 2011

We LOVE the State Fair!

Fall has always been my very favorite season for so many different reasons, and one of those reasons is the North Carolina State Fair! I grew up in this state and the Fair has always been something I've looked forward to attending each year. Now that I'm married with children, it is even more fun to see everything there through Joshua and Leah's eyes! My mom always comes up on a Thursday night, and David takes that Friday off so we can all go to the Fair together--so fun! Going on a weekday morning is the best because there is a lot less of a crowd to deal with, and the weather was perfect! We ate lots of yummy food, Joshua enjoyed the rides, we saw animals and exhibits, and got the kids home in time for naps. Mom and I went back later in the evening to see the News Boys in concert--they rocked it out! Already looking forward to next year :)

David taking a picture over his shoulder
of Leah on his back :)

My little camera ham--love that big toothy grin
and crinkly nose!

Joshua and Mommy on a car ride

Joshua on a hot air balloon ride

Grandma and Joshua on the train

Love these two SO much!

These two are so cute together--
two little peas in a pod!

Hugs from Grandma

Me with the best mom in the whole wide world

Tickling Joshua to get a smile out of him
for the camera!

So lucky to have her :)

Cutest. picture. EVER.

Family shot taken by Grandma--
such a fun day!! :)

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