Monday, December 6, 2010

A Nativity for Joshie

David's parents came over to spend time with our little family last night and we had such a great time! Bernie made pot roast and homemade bread (and pecan pie for desert), so dinner was obviously delicious. Martha brought Joshua this Fisher Price Little People Nativity set:

There is Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the 3 wisemen,
a camel, a cow, a sheep, and a donkey, along with
an angel, the stable and scenery.

Joshua loves him! He can play with all the figures
and he likes to tell us who everyone is (and
what noises the animals make, of course).

There's my handsome boy!

Apparently I said something hillarious :)

I love that this lets my favorite little guy
learn the story of the Savior's birth hands-on!

And here's a cute picture of Leah just because :)


Sarah and Devin said...

what an awesome gift! i want to find one of those haha! : ) and the pics of joshua standing beside them grinning from ear to ear are them! said...

Erin that is awesome! What a fun way for Josh to learn and play at the same time! Bernie and Martha are the best! ANd oh my gosh Leah is getting so big! I love all her shquishiness!